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If you would like to include some words/text about your pet(s) with their photograph/s in the Best Friends coffee table book please write a maximum of 120 words per pet as a short story or write sentences following the suggested topics (examples are given).

Please fill out a new page for each Pet.

Please either write a paragraph or two on your pet OR write some sentences using the suggested topics below (examples given)

If you have more than one pet of similar appearance or breed, please give a description of your pet that will help us identify them.

Example: Jack has a dark coat with a white patch on his left eye)

Example: Tilly means the world to me because she is always by my side, greeting me as soon as I wake up and when I return home from work.

Example: A special moment for us was when she had puppies and when she bought them to us to cuddle.

Example: Tilly has a strange habit of rolling over when you call her to us.  She almost gets to you and then she rolls over waiting for a tummy rub or to be picked up like a baby.

Example: Tilly’s worst habit is wanting to play with her favourite toy but then when you throw it for her she runs off with it expecting you to find it and throw it again.

Example: An embarrassing moment was when we went to the beach and Tilly barked at the big dogs and then ran to us for protection and then wimpered at high pitch.

Example: A couple of years ago I decided I really wanted another dog because our current dog was getting on in years and I really wanted to liven her up and give her company.  Tilly was about 5months old when we got her and she bought so much laughter to the house hold and absolutely loved our other dog, who has since passed away.

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